The couple that works hard together, plays hard together: Casey and Jennifer

 “Every night we lay our heads down facing one another and say I love you to each other and that is, above all, the most important thing,” affirms Jennifer of “Whatever the day brought for us, it was an experience that both of us went through together as a couple.”

Maintaining a positive connection while working in porn can be a challenging thing for any couple. When financial difficulties arose in 2008 with both Casey and Jennifer being laid off from their jobs, the two began to look for options. They’d just put an addition on their home to house their four teenagers and money was getting tight. Jennifer found an article about selling and posting private videos and they decided to take the plunge. They decided to market themselves as exactly what they are: the couple who does it all together, who are honest with each other and who damn hot for each other. “Even though we are married, sex never has to get boring and you should never be afraid to be open with your partner” avows Casey. “It never has to be only missionary on every second Sunday.”

So they began shooting, editing, publishing and maintaining their own site. Their first few videos featured a storyline and they uploaded them to xtube. They were a success, a hit, and were noticed by G4 Underground out of LA who were researching a story on amateur porn. Casey and Jennifer were interviewed and once that story aired, the site grew from there.

Having no experience or connections in the industry, Casey and Jennifer admit they lucked out when they met and worked with Monika Maple. “We hit it off and a friendship came out of working together too,” reveal Jennifer. “she took a lot of her time to help us out with contacts and building our site and shooting content.” Others such as Maxine X and Scott Rhodes, George Christos and Lee Roy Myers of KooKoo Entertainment and Tony Nevada of X-Siren Productions have also played a tremendous role in helping the couple realize their potential in amateur porn.

Their site has been dubbed “gateway porn” because it is affordable, compared to other paysites and because it has a little something for everyone. They feel it is so successful because it is ‘real.’ “It's done by us and not a big company, it's relatable to people and it really shows us doing it all together. It's honest, fun and safe too for women and couples who want to explore together, it's also really erotic for single guys too who want to see the next door neighbour getting nailed by her hubby or working over 2 guys or showing off her oral skills, maybe making out with a sexy blonde or bending over a sexy female co-star to let her hubby "work" away on her.”

Currently the two are working on expanding and improving their site. They hope to produce hot content for the site and also for broadcast on cable and satellite. In the long run, they would be open to working in a studio setting or even opening their own studio and having performers come work for them. But ultimately Jennifer and Casey want to keep having fun and working hard together.