Comedic Lustre and Sexy Finish: Sparkle Plenty

“It could have been the lack of attention from my parents or just plain boredom in suburbia or both, but I suffered from the, ‘Look at me!’ syndrome,” reveals Vancouver’s Sparkle Plenty. “As a result, I started finding ways to become the centre of attention, I joined a youth improv troupe when I was 16, then I moved on to being the emo girl with guitar. When I realized that I actually have no angst and my humor was pushing for a more adult audience I had to find a way to channel my creative energy.”

And find a way she did because Sparkle certainly has some eyes focused on her now. As a member of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, she takes her love of pop music and her self-style clownery, adds a little bump and grind and puts on a sexy and fun burlesque show.

While admitting that dancing is not her strongest skill, Sparkle makes up for that with exaggerated movement. She is also an accomplished singer and has been working at expanding her burlesque repertoire. “I have been trying to check off my burlesque bucket list by incorporating more traditional elements of burlesque including fan dancing, gown and glove and my personal fear, the straight number!”

Currently, her favourite number to perform is her ‘Fear of Clowns’ act. “Basically I wake up and discover to my horror that I am a clown and hilarity ensues. We have some strong visionaries in Screaming Chicken who have crazy concepts.”

With Vancouver having such a strong burlesque scene and community, Sparkle finds inspiration there and in the neo-burlesque New York performers she has met, including Tigger!, Trixie Little, Evil Hate Monkey and Famous Bob. Considering them to be “like the weird cousins that you were never allowed to talk to growing-up but then you find them and you connect instantly,” Sparkle would love Trixie and Evil Hate Monkey to see the ‘Fear of Clowns’ act. “I think they will (at least I hope they will) appreciate the concept and could really offer valuable feedback to really polish it!”

Away from the stage, Sparkle is keenly interested in sex education and works selling products focusing on sexual health and enjoyment. “I would love to someday participate in panels touching on the subjects of sexual empowerment. Even though as a society we have evolved tremendously with this topic, there is much more work to be done still to make information more accessible to help people alleviate all the shame that comes with their curiosity to learn and explore. Vibrators for all!

Excited by her recent election to the board of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Sparkle looks forward to contributing to the event and community. “It will be a challenge but I will be working with a fantastic group of people and I am stoked to contribute to the festival in a more meaningful way. I want to be a strong ambassador for Vancouver and their burlesque scene and I know that I am heading in that direction as we speak but I have so much left to learn and I am loving every moment of it!”