Club Madellyn Jae: The Rebirth—and Revamping—of the Elegant Private Club

She calls herself ‘Jasmin, the Original Temptress’, and she has a dream. She wants to operate an elegant private club that legally caters to the human desire for sensuality, relaxation, and belonging. This is why Jasmin has established Club Madellyn Jae (CMJ) in a discreet, second-floor office in suburban Ottawa. Yes, you can receive a sensual massage there from a beautiful hostess. But don’t think of CMJ as a glamourized massage parlour—it is anything but.

“I have been in the sensual massage industry since 1999, and operated my own Ottawa facilities since 2005,” says Jasmin. “I started out in a two bedroom apartment while attending school, then eventually opened up CMJ as a Toronto-style spa with a full staff a few years ago. My goal is to create a refined, intimate—yet respectful—place where people can come to enjoy the company, conversations and attentions of beautiful, intelligent hostesses—much as they do in Japanese hostess lounges.” The fact that CMJ is a private members’ club is vitally important to its operation. (There is a $200 initiation fee to join, which includes a half-hour introductory massage.) Under Canadian law, a private club is not required to be licensed by the city, Jasmin says. “I have checked this thoroughly with my lawyer, which explains why the city leaves us alone,” she says. “Add the fact that sex is not for sale, and we are well within the law here at CMJ.”

Reflecting on modern attitudes to sex, Jasmin observes, “We see a naked 15 year-old like Miley Cyrus clutching only a bedsheet, turning up on magazine covers, and somehow that’s okay. Yet honest adult sensuality is viewed as something that is shameful, rather than a gift worth celebrating. Well, I want to change these attitudes: I want sex to be revered and savoured and prized. That’s the kind of world I am trying to create here at CMJ.”

To drive home her point, Jasmin has taken to staging special events to bring her patrons together, just as any exclusive club would. She’s been hosting the Mingle Mangle burlesque revue in CMJ’s main lounge, which has its own mirrored stage. The retro-erotic performances of artists such as Montreal’s Scarlett James evoke a time when striptease was all about the tease—right down to the 1950s gowns and bejewelled pasties.

The customers and hostesses applauded enthusiastically as each burlesque artist peeled down to her retro g-string and pasties. Trinity is one of those hostesses. She is a university student who finds giving sensual massages to be more flexible, enjoyable and much better paying than working in a fast-food joint.

“The most important aspect of the job—besides the pay, of course—is the fact that we are treated with dignity,” says Trinity. “CMJ makes clear to clients what is and is not allowed, and Jasmin backs us up. As a result, we can be as authentic as anyone working in a service industry job. We don’t have to play-act or be chameleons. If more establishments were like CMJ, life would be far better and safer for sex workers.”

The idea of a private club where sensuality is legal, where the hostesses are treated respectfully and protected, and where members can congregate after a massage and relax, is pretty radical by Canadian standards. But that is what Jasmin is trying to create, and she is succeeding!