Bringing Communities Together at Sexuality Unconference

A little initiative and can-do attitude are sometimes all that it takes to create something meaningful and fantastic. Such is the case in the development of the Sexuality Unconference taking place Saturday March 26 at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

“The sexuality communities in St John's have a lot of potential that isn't being taken advantage of,” admits Josephine Norman, one of the organizers of the event. When a group of TNG kinksters began holding munches in a bar last summer, they noticed that many people were showing up to the event and other more informal sexual gatherings. A need seemed to exist for more structured sexuality events, especially educational ones. From that grew the idea of holding an unconference.

Inspired by KinkForAll, Josephine and other organizer set out to establish a safe, unorganized space for people to discuss a wide range of topics relating to sex and sexuality. “What we really want is to get people who have an opinion, passion or curiousity about sexuality to come out and join in the discussion and express their views and ask questions that might be awkward to ask otherwise.” Some of the topics that people are considering talking on are: bloodplay, polyamory, being queer and involved in politics, kink safety, introducing kink to 'vanilla' partners, local queer experience, working in a sex shop, rope play demos, pain/masochism, gender neutrality, sexuality and advertising, subspace as an altered state of consciousness, and "how to" initiate group sex.

Initially, the TNG group thought of presenting the event specifically for the kink community, but they determined that there was much more potential for the event if they broadened the scope of the discussion. They decided to partner with the LGBT MUN Resource Centre at Memorial to open the event to all of the sex and sexuality communities of St. John’s. Other groups such as The Woman's Resource Centre, Planned Parenthood, Egale Canada have been invited to participate.

The event seems a perfect fit for St. John’s, a place Josephine describes as having a positive sexual vibe. “After living in other parts of the country, I genuinely feel that people in St John's have a lot of sex just because it's fun—not so much that there's nothing else to do in St John's, but because sex is awesome and it shouldn't be the "last" thing on your
list. There are definitely a lot of good, clean, positive sex vibes here, even outside the sexuality communities.”

Sexuality Unconference takes places Saturday, March 26 from 10 AM to 5 PM at Memorial University Newfoundland in the Arts and Administration building, room A1043 and A1046.