Breaking Down Sex Work Stereotypes: April Fine

“Well I got into the massage industry like a lot of girls, to help pay for school,” reveals Toronto-area escort April Fine. “There was a girl in the building I was living in at the time that I made friends with and she was in the industry so I went with her to try it out. I'll never forget my first call. I was so naïve. I got to the guy’s home and we chatted a little then he started leading me to the bedroom. Then he tried to start taking off my clothing and kissing me. I was like ‘hold on, I'm just here to spend time with you not have sex with you.’ Needless to say we got into an argument and I left. Boy was I wrong!”

From that auspicious beginning, April has continued on and created a successful and fulfilling career for herself. She moved on to working in a few different spas where she made considerable amounts of money. She has since gone on to be an independent worker. “I definitely like it a lot better, the atmosphere is much more relaxed for both me and my clients, this allows me to loosen up and enjoy myself and makes the experience for my client more intimate and enjoyable for them.”

While being on her own is a lot more work, she is able to set her own terms for work. She doesn’t work late, she doesn’t book clients from a private number, and she doesn’t respond to messages that are odd or offensive. “I'm lucky to have some great regulars that I honestly look forward to seeing. My cliental is 90% repeat—regular clients. This also makes it safer as it's difficult to screen people.” Another way April works to stay safe is sharing a bad client list with some other independent workers.

As someone working in a controversial industry, April would love to see people change their attitudes about sex workers. “I'm comfortable with myself and what I do but hate the misconceptions people have of girls in the industry. We aren't crazy uneducated party animals. A lot of the girls are normal girls who are just trying to get ahead—whether it's to pay off debts, buy real estate or just take care of their family. I would say more than half are well-educated or are still in school. And yes, there are girls that are flashy and club it up a lot, but the amount of money that they make is overwhelming and like most young people that have extra money, they like to spend it on fun or nice things, that’s a product of society these days.”

In her personal life, April deems herself as shy and she likes to keep her business private. She loves being outdoors, rollerblading or walking around Kensington Market. “I love fashion and went back to school for fashion management. I would love to open my own store selling and supporting Canadian designers.”