B.C. mom upset over safe sex flipbook

A mom in Nanaimo is outraged by a flipbook brought home by her Grade 8 son after a sexual health class. The book, “Put on Something Sexy” depicts a woman putting a condom on her partner and then having sex when the pages are flipped quickly.

School officials claim to have taken steps to avoid “unsuitable” materials reaching the display tables for students, but some made it anyway, including a pamphlet explaining oral sex (because teenagers just won’t have it if you don’t explain it to them!) The district has since contacted their outside presenter, AIDS Vancouver Island, requesting to review their materials before making them available to students.

AIDS Vancouver Island spokesman Eric Brendt defended their teaching materials: “We believe straightforward, non-judgmental information provided to youth, in a context with a facilitator, in a context that speaks to abstinence, is important.”