Astrid Grey: Ottawa’s ‘Vintagely Curvaceous’ Companion

 Astrid Grey: Ottawa’s ‘Vintagely Curvaceous’ Companion
by Peter Berton

I met Astrid Grey during the recent CERB (Canadian Escort Recommendation Board) Christmas Social in Ottawa. Astrid is a tall, striking and well-blessed woman, but what will really catch your attention is the quality of her mind. She is smart, witty, and – as she likes to described herself – “impish”.

So intrigued was I by Astrid that I asked to her to take part in a Sex Life Canada one-to-one interview. She graciously complied!

Sex Life Canada: Please tell us about yourself.

Astrid: I'm 29 years old. I have a degree in Criminology, and a dog named Jake that likes long snowy walks. I'm 6' tall, and vintagely curvaceous.

Sex Life Canada: What does 'vintagely curvaceous' mean?

Astrid: For me, the phrase always summons to mind images of Vargus girls and Marilyn Monroe. I'm not a BBW, and I'm certainly not a ‘spinner’. But I'd like to think that my curves fit with those vintage women.

(Notre: According to, a ‘spinner’ is a “Small, petite, thin escort”
The meaning of the word is that a spinner, when seated atop a vertically directed male organ, is literally light enough to be ‘spun’ horizontally around this axis like a top. How’s that for polite writing!)

Sex Life Canada: How and why did you get into the escort business?

Astrid: Honestly? Money. It's a pretty easy industry to get into, and I started when I was in university. I only had to see 2-3 clients a week and it let me be financially stable and still have time for other things.

I really enjoy sex, and play. So it seemed only natural to get paid for something I've been told I'm quite good at. ‘Follow your passion and success will follow you’, and all that.

Sex Life Canada: Is there a spectrum of sexual experience for you on the job -- in terms of enjoyment -- based on how you relate to the customer?

Astrid: There very much is a spectrum. Some want a vixen, some want a mouse, and others want a domme.

I enjoy about 98.5% of the requests I receive, and those I don't enjoy the proposals for, I simply don't sign on for!

I'm not interested in one type of experience. I want to sample the full tasting menu that life offers!

Sex Life Canada: You also have a 'straight' job; how do you balance the two?

Astrid: Since my straight job involves managing a small business, balancing the two is actually quite simple! The straight work also lets me set my own hours.

Sometimes it's overwhelming, but I think everyone's life is from time to time.

Sex Life Canada: What do you like and dislike about escorting?

Astrid: Hmm.

I like that I can see who I want, and when.

I like getting to know people and their kinks and quirks, and finding all the places that make happy noises escape from lips.

Dislike? Definitely the rude boys and time wasters: “You do 15 min?" "Where r u at?"

I hate that some people think that sex work is so lowly and gross, that there is no way I would choose this job for myself.

Sex Life Canada: Do you have career plans in escorting; say opening an agency one day? Or is it something you intend to eventually retire from?

Astrid: I'm not sure about opening an agency, or even if I'm planning to retire one day.

It's what works for right now, and when it stops working, I'll reevaluate!


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