If the Mood

You step into the dimly lit, slight seedy bar; brushing past a man old enough to be your father in the stairwell. Removing your jacket at the coat check the cool air hits your skin jolting you a little more awake.

You have chosen to dress very provocatively tonight, it is important you get noticed. Pink leopard print corset, black skirt, stockings with a back-seam, dark ruby lips. You look like a pin up. Emphasizing your hourglass shape.

Within minutes a cocktail is placed in front of you at the bar. If you play the room right you won’t have to pay for a single drink all night.

And then she walks into the room, and you are captivated by her. She is intoxicating. Almost six feet tall. The whole room watches her swagger over to you, leaning provocatively against the bar, your tits on display like expensive baubles. She leans in and her hot breath against your skin is a sharp change. She says sexily into your ear “Hi, wanna introduce yourself? ”

“You can call me Trouble.” Normally a totally cheesy line but she just laughs, and then leans in again and kisses you. A hot kiss which you can’t help but melt into. Her breath is minty but not sterile. Her lips are soft, perfect, delicious.

Breaking the kiss you push her back a little, your fingers are cool, in contrast to her warmth. “I wasn’t done yet” she purrs. Reaching down for her hand you take her into the washroom. “Neither was I” you say, kissing her again.

The two of you kiss for what feels like hours. You running your hands softly down her back, your fingers dancing back up her arms, then slowly through her short black hair. She is in tight dark jeans, skimpy white t-shirt and a leather jacket, the zipper cutting into your skin a little as the kisses get more passionate. You decide to take it back to her place.

She hails a cab with a two finger whistle, and slides in first so that you don’t have to crawl across the seat in a skirt. She directs the cab driver, while you cuddle into her embrace, your face pressed against the cool of her leather jacket. You make out some more, her hands grazing the tops of your breasts, reaching inside your corset to play with your nipples as the cab driver watches in the rear view mirror. And then you are there, in front of a dark, graffitied stairwell, stinking of garbage and cat pee. You feel a nervous twinge in your stomach, as the combination of booze and adrenaline finally hits.

She leads you up the darkened stairs pausing only when you stumble a bit in your heels. You reassure her with a kiss that you are fine. At her door she fumbles with her keys, apologizing for the state of her place. Making you wait in the hallway for agonizing minutes as she stashes things in closets and drawers. You tell her it doesn’t matter through the door but she persists. When she finally lets you to her loft it is lit by candles, a soft female voice growling in the background. It turns out she is a bit of a romantic. Her space is very sparse, modern with incredible photographs on the walls. Simple leather furniture and sleek appliances. She has an eye for beauty and simplicity.
You tell her that and she responds with “Yes, I do.” Staring straight into your eyes.

She tugs down your skirt and steps back to admire your corset, stockings, and garters. You blush a little, being naked with a stranger isn’t something you’ve done for a while. You reach over, stepping out of your skirt and pull her jacket off, help her take off her t-shirt. You bend over and take one pert nipple into your mouth, trap it gently between your teeth and run your tongue roughly over it. She moans, tugging on your hair, not so gently.

You pause, take a breath, lean in and start gently kissing her neck, inhaling her scent. She smells clean, like soap and fresh air. She throws her head back as you kiss down lower, taking her other nipple in your mouth, sucking gently, circling and flicking as it hardens. Then you drop to your knees, and look up grinning as you undo her jeans. You can smell her desire as you bury your face in her wet underwear. This is your new favorite smell. You can feel your juices start to run down the inside of your thighs, a whole new level of arousal, your clit feels like it might explode as you squeeze the tops of your legs together just slightly. You tug down her jeans and reach up to play with her nipples, your tongue doing a gentle exploration of her deliciously wet vagina. She starts to pant a little, you draw the alphabet on her clit, suddenly at r she is cumming, squirting all over your face. You pause and she pulls you over to her bed. She pushes you down on your stomach and roughly shoves your underwear aside plunging two fingers inside of you, her thumb rubbing circles around your clit as she pumps in and out of you. It doesn’t take long until your vagina spasms around her fingers and you cum all over her hand. She takes the opportunity to add another finger and keeps going, fucking you expertly hard and fast. You moan into her bed spread, “OH...oh umm yeah...ohhh.”

As you start to relax into your third orgasm, she slips a fourth finger into you, which feels amazing. As you continue to cum around her fingers she slips her whole hand inside of you, and you relax enough to take her in all the way to the wrist. You reach down and begin to stroke your clit as she slowly moves her hand inside of you. As if she knows your body, your rhythms. You can feel this huge, hot orgasm building deep inside of you, this one comes from an intense place. And suddenly your vision blurs slightly and you are cumming hard, fast and deep, soaking the sheets. You can feel every millimeter of her hand buried inside of you. She slowly starts to pull out which sparks a series of smaller, no less intense orgasms which continue until she has withdrawn her last finger. You lie there, silent for a moment, the moans dying in your throat.

“Water?” she asks you, crossing to the kitchen. “Yes, please.” you answer, rolling over, legs slightly wobbly. You shimmy up on the bed, lie back on the pillows and prop yourself up. You quickly remove your corset and stockings, leaving only your sticky underwear on. You watch her getting glasses out, running the tap water until it is cold, pouring you a glass and drinking her own before coming back to bed with your glass held aloft. You reach up for the water and kiss her, spilling a little on your breasts. She leans down and delicately licks it up. After you finish drinking you pull her down on top of you. She laughs and you kiss some more. “I wanted to undress you myself” she says. “I can get dressed again if you’d like” you joke and she declines tugging off your underwear. You return the favour, and push her down into the pillows. You hold her down by her arms and growl. She smirks, then pushes up a little throwing you off balance. You fall on top of her and she wraps her arms and legs around you. “Very graceful” she whispers into your ear, then giggles. You growl again and roll her over so she is on top. You kiss some more, reaching down occasionally to play with her nipples. And then you pull her up so she is kneeling above your mouth. She lowers her vagina onto your waiting tongue. You suck gently on her clit, running your tongue up and down the sides, slowly you insert two fingers into her. She gasps a little and begins to squirm. It doesn’t take long before she’s cumming, and you make her repeat the process. She asks for a time out and you take the opportunity to go to the bathroom and wash your face.
You crawl back into bed and snuggle up. She holds you, running her fingers through your hair, you notice a bite mark she has left on your left breast. And you smile.
“So” she says and then pauses. “So?” you say. “So, that pretty much sucked then” she says grinning. “Yup, terrible” You agree.

She holds out her hand “Hi, I’m Nic.” “Hi Nic, I’m Jess, nice to meet you.” You shake hands. Giggling at the sudden formality. She reaches into her bedside table and pulls out a pen and pad of paper. “Wanna leave me your number so we can do that again sometime?” You nod. “I see you come prepared” you say winking suggestively and then write down your number. She takes the pad and pen back and leans in to kiss you some more.
“Yeah I do.” She says a little cockily, in between kisses. “Its the same drawer I keep my dick in.”
Your insides melt a little and you get wet and hard all over again.
“Would you like me to fuck you?” she asks, locking eyes. You can only nod, suddenly it is hard to speak.
She stands up and straps on. Her cock is purple, her harness a matching metallic hue. It looks even hotter than you imagined against her black boxer briefs.
She pulls you down to the edge of the bed, lifts your hips and fills you with cock. Her rhythm is slow and sure, and with one hand she lazily plays with your clit. She pulls out, takes your hand and leads you over to her couch. She sits down and pulls you on to her. Back inside of you, you ride her. She takes a nipple in her mouth and sucks, tugging gently until you explode around her, your orgasm soaking her legs, her underwear and the harness. But she doesn’t stop. And you don’t want her to. You fuck like that for a long time, cumming over and over again, until you can’t take it any more. Until you are finally sated.

“That was the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” she whispers to you, holding you as you sit in her lap, not quite ready to untangle your bodies. You can smell yourself on her, and her on you. You lean in and kiss her for a little while.
“Yeah, that’s pretty much the hottest thing I’ve ever done.” And you grin at her. She grins back. You notice the clock out of the corner of your eye.
“I have to work tomorrow. Well more like in five hours.” you say, sliding off her lap. You collect your clothes, putting your underwear in your purse. She watches you transform back into a stranger. The intimacy quickly cooling, like the room. She pulls on her jeans and t-shirt, throws on some sneakers and walks you back down to the street. You make out a little, and a few cabs go by but eventually she pushes you away.
“You have to work tomorrow.” She says pointing out the obvious. “But I’ll call you, ok?” And you nod and turn away and hail a cab. She kisses you goodbye and you in, watching her turn around and head back up to her loft from the rear window.