First Taste

I remember my first taste of come
how it felt in my mouth
trying to swallow
with dick taking up so much space
not wanting to gag
not wanting to seem inexperienced
I knew it going to happen
yet when it did I was surprised
the quantity the taste consistency
the after taste
the feel of the cock
getting bigger fuller harder
the brief shuddering throb
as sperm jarred out
jammed into my throat
he groaning
holding my head to keep me from pulling
even though I had no intention of pulling
I remember that taste
but don’t remember him
can’t recall if the cock was cut or not
we were both drunk
that’s how it happened in those days
I had to be drunk to let my guard down
I remember the taste of his come
more clearly than the excuse juice we were drinking
my sense of good and evil
put sex into the dark where
only someone drunk enough
would be
could be willing to do it
to be so dirty so perverse
perhaps dirty was part of the taste

the revolution has happened baby
we can suck cock and talk about it on TV
web sites on what to eat
to make our sperm taste better
calorie reduced and no trans fats either
but nothing yet has matched
that first dirty taste of the perverse