Become a Sex Columnist

We seek writers who want to create a column (500-1200 words) and post a least once a month (or more frequently) on a specific theme of interest to them.

We have two types of columnists, one dedicated to local themes, the other to national subjects.

City Columnist
We are especially interested in columnists who will write on subjects in their city, such as:
-the local fet scene
-the local poly/swing scene
-the local sex work scene
-the local lgbt scene
-the local erotic art scene
-the local sex business scene
-the local sex ed scene (high schools university, private seminars/workshops)

Canada Columnist
We also seek columnists who will write on themes of interest to a national audience, such as on these (just a sample):
-sex policies in government, media and business
-sex in the media
-sex and aging
-"sex out of the city" (rural Canada's sex scene)
-sex pleasure products
-philosophy/ethics of sex -teen sexuality issues
-the vanilla perspective.

If you have a proposal for a new column please write our Managing Editor  describing the intended theme and single sentence outlines of the first three columns you propose to write.

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