About Us

Hello Canada

Welcome to the world’s first website promoting sex positive culture nationally. Our team is excited to pioneer this unique blend of journalism, social networking and community building.

We hope thousands of Canadians will get involved in this effort to make our country a leading light in healthy, creative sexual expression.


We have two key aims:
1) Develop sex journalism in Canada
2) Build sex positive community

Develop sex journalism in Canada

Most mainstream media organizations have specialists covering all the niche areas of modern life, from education to wine, from gardening to physical fitness. Yet, strangely, not a single major media outlet has a specialist on the sexuality beat.

Yes there are sexual advice columnists and a few freelancers that cover sexual issues, but there is no sexuality equivalent to a “food reporter” or “business reporter”.

We think sex is a very important aspect of the lives of all of us, and deserves specialists covering the “sexuality beat” both locally and nationally. And since no one has been doing it, a group of sex-positive writers decided to create the medium for it to happen.

Our editorial team, along with contributors from across Canada will regularly be publishing sex positive news to our national and featured cities Sexlife Journal.

You will read stories on all aspects of sexuality, including its political, health, social and pleasure dimensions, written for the local or national community, by the community.

We are also looking for works from students and researchers to publish in the Canadian Sex Research section of our website.

Build sex positive community

There are growing numbers of people who define themselves as “sex positive”. Some of these people are already part of vibrant communities such as the BDSM or GBLT communities. But as those acronyms suggest, such groups are defined in a different way than “sex positive”.

Our goal is to help people of all orientations build an inclusively "sex positive" community.

We do this via the Featured Cities section of our site, and the “Rest of Canada” page for places outside our featured cities. Our Canada pages seek to foster sex positive culture from “coast to coast”.

Sex positive businesses and non-profits play a vital role in sex positive communities. The sex positive economy is populated by sex therapists, sex educators, managers of swing and fetish clubs, erotic artists, sex workers, manufacturers of pleasure products, sexual advice columnists and many other breadwinners.

We aim to support everyone working in this field through our community resources and promotional systems.

Our community resources include:
-personal profiles
-business profiles
-discussion groups, sex advice and social networking
-local events
-local and national directory of sex positive resources
-interviews of local and national sex positive luminaries
-sex research from students across Canada

What is sex positive culture?

"Sex positive” is obviously key to everything we do. But what does that term mean?

It’s an attitude. Usually a set of attitudes.

First its an enthusiasm for human sexuality in its broadest sense. Most people enjoy the delicious physical dimension of sex. In that limited sense almost everyone is sex-positive.

But sex is more than physical pleasure. Like eating, or sport or yoga, sex can powerfully engage our minds, our emotions, even our spiritual life. Sex-positivity involves an enthusiasm for those elements of sexuality as well.

An openness to grow sexually is also an element of sex positive. Our erotic lives are like plants. Well tended they can grow into beautiful flowers; untended they can wither and die. So sex positive people tend to enjoy exploring new landscapes in all the dimensions of sex: new ways of making love, of thinking about sex, of creating sex positive community. We hope that somewhere in the many pages of this site you will find the inspiration to push the edges of your erotic life.

Another key ingredient of sex-positivity is an attitude of tolerance for all types of consensual sexual expression. Whether you like your sex in the dark in the missionary position with your spouse, or bound, gagged and spread-eagled against a dungeon wall, sex positive people celebrate “whatever turns you on”.

Our goal is to help grow the ever-expanding numbers of Canadians who share these attitudes.

There are lots of us sex positive people. And we are getting more and more connected, and in more and more sophisticated ways. The twenty-first century is a very exciting time to be enthusiastic about sex.