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College-aged Canadians need to wrap it

According to survey by Trojan and The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada released on Tuesday, a quarter of Canadian university students have never had vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Of the 72% surveyed who had had sex in the past year, only 51% said they used a condom, despite the fact that 34% described their last encounter as casual.

Given that the rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia have increased dramatically over the past decade, especially among young people, the findings, surprising or not, are unnerving.


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by Karen Elstone

Hot and humid
We make passionate love
All bodily fluids combine…
Boundaries disappear…

We swim together as one
It’s as if nothing else exists
When we kiss…
Sometimes a hot passion…
Other times a warm tenderness
It doesn’t matter either way
There is a sense of eternity

With or without words
We communicate
We sense each other’s needs
There is a constant desire to take care
Of one another

We do not have to make love
but hold on to…
and feel the smooth contours
of each other’s body


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Sex Research

The Moral Necessity of Comprehensive Sex Education

Author Name: 
Victoria Bryers
Date Paper Written: 
Tue, 08/05/2008
Langara College

This paper examines the conflicting views regarding childhood and adolescent sexual education and the moral frame works from which they developed. Explored issues include childhood exposure to such contentious topics as homosexuality, masturbation, non coital play and alternative relationship forms and what values, if any, should be stressed. It is argued that only comprehensive sex education fulfills the conditions of a functional morality that allows everyone to lead happy, meaningful and productive lives.